Get to know our new State Manager in Victoria – Leanne! She is the perfect person to lead our growing team and has a terrific sense of nurturing family – at work and home, including four-legged friends. We are proud of Leanne and thrilled to have filled our VIC state leadership role with an internal promotion. We can’t wait to see what she and her team accomplish next!




Tell us a fun fact about yourself – something that might be surprising!

I have multiple animals – starting with a lizard called Toothless, inspired by How to Train Your Dragon (my daughter’s idea). I also have a clever British Blue Shorthaired cat named Misty who uses the human toilet, knows how to shake hands and rings a bell when she wants a treat (which can be very annoying)! Our family also includes 100 fish and three Guinea pigs called Max, Polly and Star.

Why did you choose Labourpower, and when did you join the team?

I started during COVID Stage 4 Lockdown (September 2020) based on an offer from Terry, who told me all about Labourpower. She raved about the work-life balance, benefits, culture and all the amazing things the company offers. So, I needed to see what she was talking about for myself!

What have been the different roles you have held/locations worked at Labourpower?

I’ve only had two roles at Labourpower. The first was Team Lead at the Mulgrave office, and I am now State Manager for Laverton and Mulgrave (so the whole of VIC).

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Labourpower family?

The thing I love the most is the sense of family. Labourpower has multiple employees who have tenure over 5-10 years, demonstrating the amazing culture and benefits of working here. Otherwise, they wouldn’t stay this long!

I also love the Webbers. They work with us side by side, regardless of their positions, when they could easily take a back seat. Luke, Andrew and Zac are among all of the day-to-day activities. They truly demonstrate the dedication and drive each and every employee strives to achieve – it’s very motivating!

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I want to focus on building the state as one team rather than two. Because we have two different offices, they can easily become divided and operate individually. However, I want this to change to create more significant growth for all my team members.


Misty   Leanne's family   Leanne




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Innovation is one of our core values, and so we are thrilled to have been recognised as one of five finalists for the 2021 SEEK Sara Most Innovative Agency of the Year award!

At Labourpower, innovation means:

“We are bold, adaptable, and take risks in the development and application of new ways of working. We reflect, we learn, and we leave things better than we found them.”

This approach toward leveraging technology has enabled us to thrive during challenging times and deliver increasingly efficient solutions and satisfying experiences to our clients and candidates.

Over the past two years, our team has focused on developing leading in-house technology automating the recruitment process to help match the right candidates to the right jobs faster – while ensuring a user-friendly experience, compliance, and scalability.

We continuously look for opportunities to streamline the end-to-end recruitment process. From screening and onboarding to matching our candidates with roles and shifts that are a great fit, we strive to connect people and businesses with the work they need in real-time.

Keep reading to learn more about three of our most innovative initiatives designed to modernise the recruitment process:

  • Labourpower Online Rostering & Ordering System (Client application)
  • Labourpower App (Candidate application)
  • Onboarding & Screening with Scarlett (AI Technology)




We believe that all clients should have direct access to compliant candidate pools and be able to manage their rostering requirements with complete visibility of costings before submitting staffing orders.

In a candidate short market and uncertain times across many different business sectors, the requirement to scale up and down through an online self-service system is more important than ever. Our clients can now use our secure rostering and ordering system to request candidates daily and weekly at their convenience.

With access to a compliant pool of 15,000+ candidates, our clients and/or Recruitment Consultants have a couple of options to fill positions. They can select individuals who meet skill requirements or choose to have our proprietary system dynamically request appropriate candidates to accept live published roles via the Labourpower App.

Online Support System capabilities:

  • Creating a daily or weekly roster across all required job specifications
  • Saving weekly roster templates
  • Tracking and modifying existing orders
  • Access to over 15,000 compliant candidates across Australia
  • Approximate labour-hire costs
  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Reporting from all worked hours




Finding work has never been easier with the Labourpower App! With over 12,000 active users and thousands of live jobs posted daily, we are putting information at fingertips and matching our best jobs to the right candidates in real-time.

Our candidates work around the clock across Australia. Now they can secure work 24/7 with the push of a button and enjoy the flexibility to choose shifts that best suit their schedules.

The app also provides a handy reference for confirmed shifts – including time and location details with map integration. Notably, multiple app features serve to help make sure that pay is on time and correct. Signing in and out of shifts with the app captures hours worked accurately, and our candidates have visibility to review their payslip history conveniently and securely.

With the Labourpower App, our candidates can:

  • Gain access to the newest opportunities we have to offer
  • Select shifts and create ideal schedules
  • View all confirmed rostering information in one place
  • Sign in and out of shifts easily
  • Review payslip history, helping to ensure pay is correct




Before job placement, the end-to-end candidate onboarding process – including collecting critical data, documentation, and screening to determine suitability – presents multiple opportunities to save time and reduce human error through automation.

Labourpower has successfully incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI ChatBot technology) to enhance our service delivery and help our candidates get to work faster.

Our candidates can begin exploring opportunities any time of day with Scarlett. First, she performs initial screening and determines suitability for various roles. She subsequently applies the information gathered to manage candidates through the onboarding process.

Over time, Scarlett has evolved to broaden her responsibilities. She has been vital to our COVID safety efforts – gathering details and monitoring vaccination status to guarantee compliance.

Scarlett saves our recruitment team substantial working hours through her efficient admin and 24/7 availability.

Since her introduction in October 2020, Scarlett has:

  • Screened 33,500 candidates across 77 jobs
  • Matched 27,000 candidates
  • Connected with 6505 candidates re: vaccination status
  • Worked 11,200 hours!



We like to think of ourselves as a technology company in recruitment, and not a recruitment company that has a focus on technology.” – Andrew Webber, CTO


At Labourpower, we constantly invest in technology to make it easier for our clients to do business with us. We believe that our trio of new technologies are making a real difference helping to connect our candidates with great jobs and giving our clients a competitive edge in a tight market. Automation allows us to match requirements in real-time, ensure compliance, and enable our business to scale deftly.

As technology improves efficiency, our Recruitment team has more time to focus on the rewarding and essential work of nurturing client relationships, candidate care, personal and business development. Ultimately, our ongoing investment in technology is an investment in people, growth and what we can achieve together!




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A large proportion of our Labourpower family lives and works in areas deeply impacted by the ongoing pandemic. During this challenging time, the safety and well-being of our team are our top priority. We are always looking for better ways to work and leverage technology, and COVID safety is no exception.

That’s why we are happy to share Scarlett has a new role, and feedback from candidates is that she is making a meaningful difference!



Scarlett is gathering details and tracking vaccination status

We’re using technology to swiftly reach out and connect with our team to gather details around their vaccination status. Scarlett is helping us comply with NSW and QLD requirements to guarantee our candidates’ vaccination status meets the needs of our clients, particularly within LGAs of concern.

Of the 3,300+ candidates Scarlett has reached, 80% have had their 1st or 2nd shots. Excellent news for the safety and availability of our talent pool and our clients that need great people!

For our candidates that are not yet vaccinated, Scarlett records their intent to be vaccinated and timing so she can follow up. She also makes a note of candidates that do not plan to be vaccinated. This system helps ensure our information is current and only appropriate candidates are considered and placed within LGAs of concern.

Scarlett is helping our team focus on filling essential roles

Through her efficient admin and 24/7 availability, Scarlett is saving our recruitment team substantial working hours. She is freeing up our recruiters to focus on matching the best candidates to the right jobs. We have a strong demand for essential workers, especially in LGAs of concern, and Scarlett is helping us fill roles faster.




Leveraging technology to meet vaccination requirements quickly and accurately is just one of the ways we are doing our best to ensure the safety of our team, workplaces, and business continuity for our clients.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Many of our clients are taking a proactive approach to COVID safety by providing rapid antigen testing onsite. Going above and beyond to prevent positive cases in the workplace is helping to safeguard our community and minimises the risk of suspending operations.

We’re thankful to be working together with fantastic clients, doing their best to protect our candidates’ health and financial well-being.

COVID Safe Environments

Safety Goes 24/7 at Labourpower – which includes a collaborative approach to COVID safety within our business and close partnership with our clients and candidates. Our HR, WHS, branch and onsite teams work collectively to ensure:

  • Labourpower has an up-to-date COVID safety plan, reviewed regularly in line with evolving government guidelines and restrictions.
  • Each site is COVID compliant, and correct PPE is worn at all times.
  • We speak to every employee who reports feeling unwell or has come into contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID to assess potential risk. We communicate this information with our relevant client(s) immediately.
  • Every employee that requires testing provides negative results and is cleared by HR before returning to work to safeguard the health and well-being of our community across all sites.




Do you have any questions about current regulations or vaccine requirements? Would you like to discuss your concerns around working in a COVID safe environment with our team? If so, please be encouraged to reach out to your nearest Labourpower branch. Click here for a complete list of contact details.

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At Labourpower, we are always looking for better, faster ways to connect our candidates with the right jobs. Because searching for work can be a challenge, our team constantly strives to simplify and speed up the process.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the Labourpower App!

1. Gain access to our newest opportunities

Many candidates are already using our new app to select their desired shifts and create rosters that work best for their busy schedules. Our candidates can choose from available work that is the right fit for them. Now, they receive options sent directly to their phones through the app.

With more clients adding shifts every day, securing suitable work and putting together an ideal schedule has never been easier!


2. Information at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere

Our candidates work hard, around the clock, all across Australia.

We designed the Labourpower app to provide easy access to rostering and payslip information. Whenever and wherever it is most convenient for our team. The app is a helpful resource on the go to:

  • Pull up confirmed shift details, including timing and location, with handy map integration.
  • Reference payslip history and group certificates in one central place.


3. Sign in and out quickly and accurately

On-site, our candidates can sign in and out of shifts securely with the app, helping ensure the accuracy of hours worked and on-time payslips. In addition, our team can review their hours worked and recorded. Making it simple to spot and communicate potential errors and help guarantee correct payslips.

We understand how important it is to be paid appropriately. So we made sure to include features that provide visibility and checks and balances within the app.


4. Ongoing commitment to innovation

Our business is all about people, and the success of our customers relies on matching the right candidates to the right jobs effectively. Ultimately, everyone wins when our candidates have the tools to seize work opportunities quickly, and our clients can fill their shifts with great people.

We continue to invest in leading recruitment technology to expand our capabilities and create responsive, efficient systems that help people get to work faster. From AI to mobile to our client portal – we are looking forward to sharing how our tech is working together to improve our customer experience.

“It’s all part of our commitment to finding new and innovative ways to ensure that people find the right jobs and that our clients have the edge when it comes to attracting and retaining quality candidates.”

Luke Webber, Managing Director


If you would like to download the Labourpower app and learn more, please visit us here. And to stay up to date with all of our latest news and opportunities, connect with us on your favourite socials – FacebookLinkedIn and/or Instagram!