Mature age workers – those aged 50+ – bring a wealth of experience and reliability to your workplace. 
Often you will find them to be more responsible, more level-headed and more loyal to your business in the long-term.

6 reasons to consider mature age workers for your business


Hiring can be costly, not to mention the amount you invest in wages for your staff. With a mature age hire you’re recruiting someone with years of experience navigating the workplace. This means a better return on investment (ROI) for your business.


Mature age workers are far more likely to commit to your business for the long haul. In fact, studies show that workers age 55+ are five times less likely to change jobs than a worker under the age of 25. This is good news for your company as you’ll save time and money on recruitment.


Your mature age hire might not always bring specific industry experience with them. But most will bring a lifetime of workplace and interpersonal skills. Skills such as patience, respect and communication are all invaluable to a business – and your mature age hire is likely to have those in spades.


Increasing diversity with a mature age hire can also help improve your standing in the community and with your customers. Diversity is a highly valued trait when it comes to attracting new clients and better talent to your organisation. As a result, you will have the opportunity to market yourself more effectively.


With Australians aged between 45 and 64 owning half the country’s household wealth – that’s a lot of buying power! Remember that employing a mature age worker can bring an entirely new perspective to the table. This might come in handy for developing your marketing approach to this valuable demographic.


Finally, hiring mature age workers brings many benefits to your business, including potential access to wage subsidies. It could be a nice extra bonus for your business!

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Recruiting new staff can be costly and time consuming. So if you’re not using the right recruitment strategies, it can also be frustrating and fruitless. Whether you’re a small business looking for a one-off hire. Or a large corporation looking to access regular talent. Using the services of a recruitment agency can be the ideal solution and help ease the pressure.


6 ways a recruitment agency can take the hiring pressure off your business



    When you take on the task of recruiting in-house you often find yourself with a big To-Do list. First of all, you have to post the job ads and sift through all the applications. Next you have to find time to conduct interviews as well as carry out reference checks. And this all takes place before you even get someone on-site to start training. Whereas with a recruitment company, all you need to do is place your order and wait for the right staff to show up at your door.



    As you build a relationship with your chosen agency the hiring process for your business gets easier and easier. Your recruiters will gain more insight and knowledge about your business with every new hire. This allows them to streamline your process with every job, saving you time and money in the process.



    Your recruitment agency will have access to a huge pool of talent. Quality people – all waiting to be placed into the right business. In most cases, candidates have already been screened and evaluated to make sure they’re the right fit. All you need to do is welcome them aboard!



    Recruitment can be a tricky business! Working with a recruitment company helps reduce the likelihood of you getting a ‘bad hire’. Your recruitment agency will have proven hiring strategies in place. This lets them weed out any poor performers and as a result, you know you’ll be getting the best of the bunch.



    Are you a company with seasonal staff fluctuations? A recruitment agency can ensure you have the quality staff you need to effectively manage peak periods of activity. This means your permanent employees are not overworked, payroll budgets are kept under tight control and above all, your productivity is never compromised.



    A great recruitment agency won’t just find you the right person for the job, they’ll also provide you with other valuable services. This can include on-site inductions, health and safety training, drug testing and even ongoing coaching for your long-term employees. They may also offer payroll services and even anticipate your future staffing needs.


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Finding the right people for some roles can be a challenge, particularly if there’s a skills shortage in your industry. 


If your business is finding it a challenge filling positions in a timely fashion, then temporary staff might just be the solution until the job can be filled on a more permanent basis. Take a look at some of the benefits of hiring temporary staff.

  1. It’s an immediate solution

A temp worker gives you some breathing space recruiting hard to fill roles. You have time to focus on finding the perfect candidate, without compromising your business operations, productivity and customer service.

  1. Access to skills

Some employers try to deal with a skills shortage by dividing up the tasks of the position that needs to be filled and delegating them to other staff members. This approach may seem like an easy enough stop-gap solution, but you run the risk of inexperienced people on the job, and your workers stretched too thin.

  1. More flexibility

Hiring a temporary worker allows you to have a supply and demand approach when it comes to payroll, you’re under no obligation to keep a temp worker full-time so you can adjust the hours and days worked to suit your needs.



Looking at temporary jobs from the other side of the coin, a skills gap can open up the market for candidates. As a prospective employee, you get  to ‘test out’ opportunities without having to commit to a permanent position. We’re living in a gig economy, which offers some interesting opportunities for candidates willing to give it a try.

  1. Choice of workplace

For many people, variety really is the spice of life. Temping allows you to explore different types of workplaces to find out which one works best for you.

  1. Ultimate flexibility

Temporary work means that you have a shorter commitment.  This way you’re free to focus on other things such as family commitments or your personal goals. Want to take time out to travel the world?  Taking a temp role helps you save and frees up your schedule to take time off when your ticket is paid for.

  1. More opportunity than ever

Employers can become more flexible about who they consider for hard to fill roles. You might find that there is the option of on-the-job training and development to get you up to speed.  Not only are you getting paid, you also get the chance to expand your skill set at the same time.

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When 38-year-old Matthew moved to Queensland from New Zealand in 2017 to have regular contact with his children, he had no work and nowhere to live. See how a post on Facebook saw Matthew go from homeless to employed.

Matthew had previously worked as a labourer in the construction industry as well working in factories and on fishing trawlers for 10 years as a teenager.

Unsure about job availability in Australia, Matthew immediately got in touch with several recruitment agencies in desperate search of work. Unfortunately, agencies were only recruiting for candidate pools and could offer no certainty around actual positions.

Matthew says that he never got to speak to the same person twice so was feeling uncertain about what the future would hold. Determined not to give up, Matthew decided to post on Facebook that he was homeless and looking for regular work.

The Labourpower Difference

Labourpower picked up Matthew’s post on their Facebook page and contacted Matthew to see how they could help.

Matthew says that he felt from the start that Labourpower had confidence in him and that it would lead to regular work.

“It makes such a difference to have regular contact with your recruiter and be kept informed the whole way,” he said.

“Labourpower has been able to offer me work consistently and even assisted in organising travelling to and from sites (with other candidates) until I’m back on my feet.”

Since signing up with Labourpower, Matthew has had consistent work and is currently working five days a week at one of our national client’s.

“All the sites I’ve worked at have had a great team environment and everyone has been helpful and supportive,” Matthew said.

Finding a job has made the world of difference for Matthew as he was instantly able to find accommodation to set up home and now has regular contact and visits with his kids.

Matthew’s Account Manager, Louise Harward says that she’s had great feedback from clients and staff about Matthew.

“At Labourpower we always look for people who are hard-working and reliable, no matter their circumstances,” she said.

“It was clear on first meeting Matthew that he had a strong work ethic and we’re pleased to have been able to help him find the opportunity and stability he needed.”

To find out more about opportunities with Labourpower, get in touch with our friendly, experienced team today.