Labourpower is pleased to introduce user-friendly Recruitment Kiosks as part of the company’s commitment to create new efficiencies for candidates, staff and clients.
The launch took place at Labourpower’s Eastern Creek branch in New South Wales with the Recruitment Kiosks soon to be rolled out throughout Australia.
It is the latest initiative in a series of innovations as Labourpower continues to expand its capabilities and invest in leading recruitment technology.

Labourpower is one of Australia’s largest 100% Australian-owned recruitment companies with a proven track record in the supply of quality staff across the country.
The Labourpower Kiosks offer a user-friendly, secure and reliable solution that allows job applications to be completed at any Labourpower location (including remote offices), reducing the time and cost associated with paper-based job application processing.

Labourpower recruiters will also be able to access applications and assess candidates in a timelier manner resulting in positions being filled more quickly.
As part of this latest initiative from Labourpower, there is also a support team available to help any candidates who maybe unfamiliar with technology, lack computer skills or are apprehensive about using touchscreens for the first time.

Managing Director, Luke Webber says it is his team’s commitment to excellence that is behind Labourpower’s strong reputation in the industry for service and innovation.
“We set out to make a real difference in the recruitment industry and have been strongly focused on solutions that improve our level of service,” he said.

“The launch of our Kiosks is an exciting development and fits with our vision to create a paperless office. It’s all part of our commitment to promote a sustainable business through ongoing investment in cutting-edge tools that continually improve our operations, service and value-add initiatives.”

To find out more, speak to our friendly recruiters at a Labourpower near you today.