When most people think of temporary staff over the festive period, they think of retail sales, but retail isn’t the only industry impacted by the summer rush. Temporary work spikes over the holiday period can happen in almost all industries and injecting your workforce with some casual staff over this time might be the right solution to keep your workplace productive. So how do you know if you need a holiday temp?

4 SIGNS YOU NEED A HOLIDAY TEMP OR CASUAL STAFF                                                                                                                                                                                         
  1. Overtime is up and morale is low

This time of year can be a stressful time for most people, so if you require a lot of overtime hours over this period it’s important to keep an eye on your staff and see how they’re handling it. If the amount of overtime is affecting staff morale, it’s time to bring in some temporary or casual workers. Helping permanent staff find balance in their work and personal lives – especially during seasonal spikes can lead to a loyal and committed workforce.

  1. Deadlines are looming

While things quieten down for some workplaces over the holidays, there are plenty of businesses where everything ramps up. Maybe the deadlines are the result of the usual spike in demand at this time of year, or maybe you’ve just got a few more clients or projects piling up. Either way, if you’ve got a bunch of deadlines to meet and no idea how to meet them, bringing in some casual labour or a skilled temp professional can help.

  1. Annual leave requests are piling up

It’s easy to get shorthanded over the holidays, most people like to take a little time off to be with their families at this time of year and many of us have to travel to do that. With so many people requesting leave you might find yourself wondering how you’ll be able to cover everything that needs to get done. If this sounds like you then, a temp or casual staff member can help. Not just with filling the gaps, but with easing the pressure on your remaining workers.

  1. Work is suffering

When even your top talent is struggling to produce their usual high standard, it’s a sign that work is being rushed because people are overworked. You know the staff – the ones who always deliver and take pride in their work. So, if you notice things getting overlooked, mistakes being made, or a shift in quality, it’s time to recruit some help.

Does your business need some help recruiting temp talent or casual workers this holiday? Labourpower can provide you with quality staff at short notice to help you deal with the ebbs and flows of the festive season.

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Labourpower and RRC Australia (RRCA) have announced a new partnership that will see the two market leaders extend recruitment specialist capabilities around the country.

Labourpower, the 2018 National Recruitment Company of the Year* is known for its best practice labour hire solutions in the Industrial, Warehousing and Distribution, Transport and Logistics, FMCG and Manufacturing space, while RRCA specialises in Road, Rail and Construction industries including contracts with Transport for NSW, John Holland, Pacific National and ARTC.
The two companies are excited to join forces to rollout out this initiative that will drive specialist recruitment services for clients in key industry sectors as well as create new opportunities for job seekers in metropolitan and regional areas.

RRC Australia Director, Zac Webber says he is looking forward to RRCA broadening its solutions to businesses and job seekers across Australia.

“We have built a niche market through our rigorous recruitment process that results in reliable, quality staff for a range of specialist roles. From locomotive operators and other rail staff to personnel for rail infrastructure, earthworks, roadwork, subdivision and bridges, as well as skilled construction labour across commercial and residential industry sectors,” he said.

“Working with Labourpower, we have access to a wider pool of skills and talent when providing staffing solutions for large scale road, rail and construction projects through to minor works in rail and civil construction. We also get to introduce Labourpower’s best practice tools and technology to deliver increased cost savings and further improve our level of service.”

Labourpower Managing Director, Luke Webber agrees that adding RRC Australia to the Labourpower Group is a natural fit that makes good business sense.

“With our company’s rapid growth over recent years, we are continually looking for new and innovative ways to add value to our clients, including businesses and job seekers across Australia. Adding RRC Australia to the Labourpower family allows us to achieve increased flexibility in our solutions,” he said.

“We share a commitment to continuous improvement and a strong focus on workplace health and safety. Both companies will continue to provide the personal approach clients have come to rely on us for, along with a strengthened ability to adapt our processes to meet any business need.”

Under this new partnership arrangement, RRC Australia will sit under the Labourpower umbrella that also includes LP Recruitment Services, LP Consulting and LP Training Services. RRCA will continue to operate with its own distinctive logo, branding and social media presence to ensure tailored specialist solutions and services relevant to the road, rail and construction industries.

Labourpower is one of Australia’s leading labour hire agencies specialising in the recruitment and placement of quality permanent, temporary and contract staff. With a reputation for their commitment to making a difference in the world of recruiting, Labourpower has been providing successful labour hire solutions since 2002 for clients in key industry sectors that extends past to include training, human resource consulting, payroll services and other cost saving strategies and initiatives.
*Labourpower was recently announced as National Recruitment Company of the Year at the 2018 RI Awards.
RRCA is a leading recruitment specialist for the road, rail and construction industries, providing staffing solutions for a wide range of positions at all levels.
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• Rail
• Construction
RRC Australia is a division of the Labourpower Recruitment Group.