When most people think of temporary staff over the festive period, they think of retail sales, but retail isn’t the only industry impacted by the summer rush. Temporary work spikes over the holiday period can happen in almost all industries and injecting your workforce with some casual staff over this time might be the right solution to keep your workplace productive. So how do you know if you need a holiday temp?

4 SIGNS YOU NEED A HOLIDAY TEMP OR CASUAL STAFF                                                                                                                                                                                         
  1. Overtime is up and morale is low

This time of year can be a stressful time for most people, so if you require a lot of overtime hours over this period it’s important to keep an eye on your staff and see how they’re handling it. If the amount of overtime is affecting staff morale, it’s time to bring in some temporary or casual workers. Helping permanent staff find balance in their work and personal lives – especially during seasonal spikes can lead to a loyal and committed workforce.

  1. Deadlines are looming

While things quieten down for some workplaces over the holidays, there are plenty of businesses where everything ramps up. Maybe the deadlines are the result of the usual spike in demand at this time of year, or maybe you’ve just got a few more clients or projects piling up. Either way, if you’ve got a bunch of deadlines to meet and no idea how to meet them, bringing in some casual labour or a skilled temp professional can help.

  1. Annual leave requests are piling up

It’s easy to get shorthanded over the holidays, most people like to take a little time off to be with their families at this time of year and many of us have to travel to do that. With so many people requesting leave you might find yourself wondering how you’ll be able to cover everything that needs to get done. If this sounds like you then, a temp or casual staff member can help. Not just with filling the gaps, but with easing the pressure on your remaining workers.

  1. Work is suffering

When even your top talent is struggling to produce their usual high standard, it’s a sign that work is being rushed because people are overworked. You know the staff – the ones who always deliver and take pride in their work. So, if you notice things getting overlooked, mistakes being made, or a shift in quality, it’s time to recruit some help.

Does your business need some help recruiting temp talent or casual workers this holiday? Labourpower can provide you with quality staff at short notice to help you deal with the ebbs and flows of the festive season.

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Efficient staffing can be one of the most stressful aspects of any business. In fact, your staff can have a big impact on your bottom line and whilst some employers like the security of having a fleet of full-time employees, in many cases the best way to meet the needs of your business is to hire contract staff. Here are some of the reasons hiring contract staff might be the right solution for your business.

Manage Peaks and Troughs
A major benefit of hiring contract employees is that you get to effectively manage fluctuations in the workload. Demands on your business constantly change, so hiring contract staff (e.g. during peak periods of activity) allows you to bring staff exactly when your business needs them. This way you never have people sitting around with nothing to do and it’s a cost-effective way for your business to get the staff you need.

Evaluate Talent
With contract staff you get access to a lot of talent, without the commitment of a full-time hire. Contract staff work hard to prove themselves and you get to witness and evaluate their potential on the job every single day. Best of all – if you find someone who is a perfect fit for your business, you can offer them full-time work.

Gain Access to Niche Skills
Contract employment helps you gain access to workers with a specialised skill set. So if your business needs a specific set of skills or expert advice for a particular project, the benefit of hiring contract staff is that you gain access to short term talent with niche skills, without having to integrate them into your workforce full-time.

Protect your Workforce
Your core staff members are valuable assets and it’s in your best interest to protect them from overwork, burnout and stress by bringing in additional staff to support them during peak periods. Contract staff will reduce the pressure on your internal resources so that they can continue to work at their peak all year round.

Focus on your Core Business
Staffing can be a headache at times but outsourcing your recruitment work can free you up to focus on more important things. A recruitment agency will take care of every aspect of labour hire from applicant screening to payroll, inductions, workplace health and safety and more. With your recruitment needs taken care of, you’ll be free to focus on your core business.

Excellence in Workforce Management
Another major advantage of hiring contract staff through a labour hire agency is that you get access to state-of-the-art technology to help manage your entire staffing, such as, scheduling, forecasting, budgeting, attendance, performance management and a whole range of tracking, reporting and analysis.

Working with Labourpower, for example, clients have access to the Labourpower Online Portal which delivers a best practice HR workforce management solution with live access to valuable data and comprehensive online reporting capabilities that give clients complete transparency over your entire labour hire operation.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of contract staff for your business, the team at Labourpower is here to discuss getting the right people on-site. Speak to our team today and learn more about how we can effectively meet all your staffing needs.